The Student Cluster Competition of UIUC is a group of undergraduate students passionate about High-Performance Computing and a team of experienced mentors eager to share their knowledge and bring young talents into the HPC scene. We have been active since 2016.

Current Members of the Competing Team

Pranshu Chaturvedi is an Indian-American freshman in Computer Science and Statistics with interests in computational biology and applied machine learning. His interest in HPC comes from working with distributed systems at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to build AI tools in hackathons and in his current internship . He is currently working on using neural network models to solve problems in histopatholgy and in atmospheric sciences. Pranshu was also an understudy member for the UIUC SCC team last year.

Jonathan Nativ is a junior in Computer Engineering. His interests in the hardware and software of large-scale distributed and parallel systems are what initially drew him to the SCC. He has research experience focusing on MPI-GPU communication, and he is currently a teaching assistant for the Applied Parallel Computing course. Jonathan participated in the Student Cluster Competition last year, and has since started a SIGHPC chapter at UIUC.

Jialiang Xu is a Chinese rising junior in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Science minor. He was an understudy for SC19 on the IO-500 benchmark application. He is currently taking an summer internship in the field of engineering simulation for Electromagnetic Interferences at Ansys. His final team project of Applied Parallel Computing course, smallpt raytracing renderer optimized with CUDA, boosted the performance by 2247x compared to the original code and received full credit in

Nishant Sheikh is an Indian-American freshman in the Pre-Engineering program.  His experience in HPC comes from project work involving constructing and maintaining a small-scale computer cluster, which led him to the competition. He is interested in the application of distributed systems in interdisciplinary research. Nishant participated in the Student Cluster Competition last year.

Freddy Zhang is a Chinese-American sophomore in Computer Engineering with an interest in hardware systems and computer architecture. This is his first experience with HPC, but he is excited to learn more. His interest in HPC comes from learning more about the computer architecture in the hardware contained in the supercomputer. Freddy’s previous work and research experience was from developing soft robots and robotic process automation.

Rittika Adhikari is an Indian-American junior in Computer Science with an interest in distributed systems and machine learning. This is her first hands-on experience with HPC, but she is excited to learn more about the field. Her interest in distributed systems and general computer science knowledge brought her to this competition. Rittika’s previous internship at Uber focused on building an automated pipeline for big data processing, and she is excited for her incoming internship at Confluent.

Team Mentors

Dr. Volodymyr Kindratenko
Senior Research Scientist
Chit Khin
Senior Systems Engineer
Yan Zhan
Assistant Systems Engineer
Team Alumni (SC16/SC17)
Omri Mor
Team Advisor
SCC Alumni (SC15)
Simeng Liu
Team Advisor
Team Alumni (SC19)